Walkout at UN conference after Iran president calls Israel ‘racist’

April 20, 2009

Can somebody please explain to me how it happened that Ahmadinejad, first class international buffoon, was given the opportunity to give a speech at the UN conference in Geneva this morning? What is the logic behind such foolishness? Is this bureaucratic thinking at its worse? Some strange flux in the rules that allowed Ahmadinejad to make a mockery out this conference?

I don’t know who deserves the most amount of anger, the UN for allowing this speech to happen, Ahmadinejad for making once again such a fool of himself, or the delegations for walking out of it (if they hadn’t already withdrew before the conference even started) instead of attempting to save the show. I do know though who will be the biggest victims of this travesty: the people this conference was ultimately meant to serve, the people that suffer from racism on a daily basis.
If Ahmadinejad had indeed any concerns for the racism Palestinians suffer at the hands of Israel, he didn’t exactly contribute to their cause, as he has now given Israeli and its allies an excellent opportunity to bail out of a necessary dialogue even more than they already did. Ahmadinejad is a fool, not simply because of his inability to contain his (justifiable) anger at Israel and letting it deteriorate into (unjustifiable) anti-Semitism, but because while doing so he is undermining the cause that he is attempting to address. His speech is exactly what hard lining Israeli need to exacerbate the conflict. Ahmadinejad managed to do the one thing that hard lining Israeli need in order to extenuate their governance through fear.

In my opinion, the rest of the world has only contributed to the hijacking of this by making such a fuss over all this nonsense beforehand and by now walking out on it. They should have stayed and fought over it, with calm and dignity. There is a way that adults who disagree with one another can communicate without creating a circus. This is not the way. I am very disappointed. There is a desperate need for forums where people of different opinions can share those opinions. I am disappointed in all those that have been promoting the demise of the conference, I am disappointed in the way the UN has managed (or rather has not managed) the conference, and I am disappointed in the lack of vision coming from the so called world leaders. Most of all I am disappointed in Obama himself. What is the point of shaking Chavez’s hand and then abstaining from this conference?

I belief that the global economic crisis linked with dissapearing resources and radically different pespectives of East and West, North and South, will only contribute to more racism, xenophobia and antisemitism. The stupid statements of a buffoon or the hurt pride of an Israel should not have been a deterrent to the attempts this conference had made to eliminate all of the above vices. Both Israel and its allies and Iran and its allies will only be more encouraged in its racist beliefs. That the world allowed this spectable to happen is a sad victory of pettiness over wisdom. And maliciousness over good will.

“Norway will not accept that the odd man out hijacks the collective efforts of the many,” Jonas Gahr Store (Norwegian Foreign Minister)

“We all should be mindful that a failure to agree on the way forward would negatively reverberate on the human rights agenda for years to come,” Navanethem Pillay (chairman of the conference)

“After Mr Ahmadinejad’s latest rant against Israel, all the elements are in place for a dangerous escalation”. Richard Beeston

“I fear that today’s economic crisis, if not handled properly, could evolve into a full-scale political crisis marked by social unrest, weakened governments and angry publics who have lost faith in their leaders and their own future, … In such circumstances, the consequences for communities already victimised by prejudice or exclusion could be frightening.Ban Ki Moon

7 Responses to “Walkout at UN conference after Iran president calls Israel ‘racist’”

  1. NG Lynd Says:

    I agree with you. This “leader” made racism a joke and accomplished nothing more that dividing people further. He does not want unity, he wants a global stage to perform on and utilize to spread the word that Iran is a victim. Where is the personal responsibility? Does Iran ever admit to any wrongdoing? Most conflicts take two.

    The Iranian president used the conference to promote his agenda instead of remembering that the point of the conference was to address the suffering of untold numbers of nameless, faceless, people on this Earth.

    He caused a great deal of harm.


  2. azadpalestine Says:

    You are right ….it WAS fun to see Israel get kicked in the teeth (at least figuratively).

    But you must not blame Ban Ki Moon. What can he do if a head of state chooses to comment on facts which are incontrovertible although quite indigestible to some?


  3. khudieditor Says:

    If a state is allowed an illegal occupation at the cost of innocent lives, genocides and acts of terrorism for the past 60+ years, all sorts of economic manipulations and raging wars across the globe, playing a game of fire and blood.

    Then why cannot a head of state allowed to speak harshly against it. There is no mention of Ahmedinejad being called a liar, because everyone knows that what he said was the TRUTH but a little bitter because the world is accustomed not to hear such truths.

    • owlminerva Says:

      Because that was not the time and place for it. Not in the opening ceremony of such a conference. Not with the whole world watching this event and the credibility of the UN being on the line. Also, Ahmadijehad of course is a liar. Because although Israel does behave in a cruel and racist fashion towards Palestinians, they are not the worst of all the cruel and racist regimes. Not by far. Have you taken a look at what is going on in Congo, where they are slaughtering people just because they happen to belong to the wrong tribe. To say that Israel is the worst country in the world, bad as they may be, is ludicrous. A. has no love for the Palestinians and he is as much a liar as anybody else. And an antisemite to boot. He can barely contain his antisemitism. I can never understand why one has to worship the Iranian regime if one is critical of the Israeli regime. As if both cannot be seriously flawed AND racist.

  4. Richard F. Says:

    President A of Iran is at times a provacator. However let us remember that the Holocaust was a conducted in Europe by the Germans, NOT by the Palistinians. Why do the Palistinians have to suffer the grief that the Germans should be held responsible for?
    The Holocaust was wrong. The creation of Israel and the occupation of Palistine is wrong. I have no love for Israelis or Palistinians and view this conflict from a neutral position.

    • owlminerva Says:

      I agree with you that the Palestinians are the last victims of the nazi crimes. Maybe the Palestinians are the new jews. Without a land, despised, and being economically boycotted.

  5. dore Says:

    If I was a supporter of Israel(which I am sort of), and a religious person (which im not at all), I would get down on my knees and give thinks everyday that Mr Ahmadinejad is around. What a gift! The cause of Zionism has never been better served then by this fool.

    If only he had validated the suffering of the Jewish people during the Holocaust, and all the rest of Europe, and then mentioned that it makes it more shocking that Israel oppresses the Palestinians the way they do would have made it a bit more tolerable. I don’t hold this piece of shit responsible. Dirt will be dirt. But whomever let this thing up there is the one who is responsible. In the end the greatest currency that any organization has, no more true then with the U.N. is it’s reputation. Ban Ki Moon has gambled with that currency is in such an unacceptable way that simply having him resign wouldn’t be good enough. Think of all the people who wont get fed, protected, sheltered, receive medical attention, etc (and all the other great things that the U.N. is able to due) because of it’s reputation being damaged all because of this senseless gamble. In the best possible circumstances, what do you all think Ban Ki Moon was trying to accomplish? I really want to know your thoughts?

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